About us

Originally established in 1995, by Jim Dennis Sorrel Horse, Drumfire Music / Lethe Music is an independent music publishing company, based in the heart of the country music industry, Nashville Tennessee. We are always striving to reignite the workings of the company and keep it growing.  We are driven to providing absolute attention to the music and building networks, in all aspects of the music industry, including songwriters, music publishers, record labels, recording artists, and management/production companies, in order to submit and place our music with record labels as well as other artistic products available. We pitch songs to major and independent labels.

  Jim is originally from Cheyenne WY. He's a musician himself, and well versed in the music. He's a drummer and spent many years on the road, written on numerous songs, and produced albums for singer/songwriters.  Drumfire is... just regular, hard working, honest people, doing what we love and we hope to work with you someday.


JAMES W. HENDERSON - Drumfire Music is proud to be working with this gifted writer.

James is a singer, songwriter, certified personal trainer, husband and father.  He currently resides in the Nashville area following his musical pursuits.  Born in Japan in 1973 to Sgt James Henderson of the USMC and Michiko Myamoto.  Raised in Jacksonville, NC he then moved to Nashville in 1994 where he worked as a performer at Opry Land in “Country Music USA”.  He has collaborated with Dan Truman of Diamond Rio and Dean Sams of Lone Star.  We look forward to and long term musical relationship with this talented writer.

ARLIE HULM - Singer/Songwriter, genuine long-time friend.

Born in Lemmon, SD and raised in, and currently resides in Faith, South Dakota with his wife and children.  Before teaching and coaching grade school and high school sports, he found success in the Rodeo winning state and regional titles riding and roping, and became a member of professional rodeo associations. 

 Music was something he fell in to at 6 years old by way of Karen and The Country Gentleman band, who were friends of his parents.  Karen would play the piano for the kids and they would sing.  At 7 years old he entered the Meet and Treat Talent Show and won.  Singing and writing has been a big part of his life since.  Through the years he often makes his way to Nashville to write.

 He is enormously talented in all of his pursuits and a standout singer-songwriter.  We have been fortunate to be associated with Arlie since 1997 and look forward to continuing the musical journey with him.

ROBERT CHARLES MEZA, Singer / Songwriter

Robert’s music interest began at the age of 10.  His creative musical style is derived from many genres ranging from Pop, Motown and Classical, to Gospel and Country.    He infuses a colorful portrait of life experiences, and his love of God, into his songwriting.  In early years he studied classical guitar, sang in the choir and played in a stage band.  By 17 he’d organized his first rock-n-roll band and recorded his first original music.  In his continued pursuit of furthering his music knowledge and talent, there was vocal training and performances in the college choir, and operatic stage productions.  This was followed up with writing and producing jingles for advertising companies which led to winning a local advertisement award for television and radio.

 Following his heart he found his niche in country music, writing, composing and singing.  Robert Charles Meza is accomplished, instrumentally, on keyboard and guitar. He writes, composes, produces, and arranges music, and with his vocal ability, he is a genuine talent.